Exmoor National Park

Private House, Exmoor National Park

We have designed a naturalistic and flowing landscape around a series of restored farm buildings which are part of an 80 hectare farmstead in the heart of Exmoor National Park. Into this landscape, we have placed a series of intimate garden spaces relating to the various restored buildings with minimal and understated hard landscaping.

Entering the main garden by crossing a bridge, you follow the drive that snakes its way through meadows to the parking court at the back of the main house. The family courtyard garden is defined by a curving, stone on edge wall that wraps around an existing mature sycamore. The stone paving is frayed at the edges to give a feeling of nature spilling into the space.

The front lawns are bounded by meadow and naturalistic planting and the slope is broken by low stone on edge retaining walls.

Adjacent to the main house and garden is the original Bailiff’s cottage, now a holiday home. A set of steps and landings lead you from the car parking area to the front door and terrace.

The overall ornamental planting is largely naturalistic to blend with the surrounding landscape character, while the guest house has more of a cottage garden feel.

Client: Private   Status: 2008 – 2014








Entrance view


Family Courtyard


Bailiff’s Cottage