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5th November 2018 Clouds #WalledGarden just got planning! This is going to be a great one! #Lawnterraces #WildPerennialGarden #Woodlandgarden #Forestgarden

24th October 2018 Really good @AlastairParvin well worth reading. Affordable land would mean affordable housing. Heres how we get there | Alastair Parvin | Opinion | The Guardian

4th October 2018 Excellent!

28th September 2018 #Settingout for an #Autumnplant for a garden outside of Bath

9th August 2018 Great blog @prescotthi ! @MarkWrayArch

8th August 2018 New website is now live #tipoftheiceberg thanks @asclearasmud

23rd July 2018 Exciting!!!

14th June 2018 #inspiration from a John and Kirsty #siteappraisal in Shropshire. Another really exciting project!