We work with some great clients and are always eager to meet new people and companies with interesting and exciting projects.  

We work with Local and Regional Authorities, Charities, Schools, Universities, Developers and private customers.  

We enjoy developing close working relationships and working as part of a team to realise the potential of a project.


Over the years we have also formed strong links with talented collaborators.

We have many diverse contacts and connections to call upon, involve and with which to collaborate as a project demands.

For example:

Arboculturists – Specialists in all things in and around trees.

Architects – We work with a variety of Architecture practices such as Architecture00, Casa Architects, Mark Wray Architects, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, Loyn + Co, Feilden Fowles.  We are always excited about working with new practices.

Artists – Who provide designs and installations as sculptures, art works and features.

Carpenters and Joiners – For pergolas, tree houses, summer houses, timber features, etc..

Civil engineering contractors (with a good eye!) – To profile and contour the land, construct retaining walls and build water features.

Contract Administrators – To administrate contracts and appointments.

Electrical Contractors – For power and lighting installations.

Ecologists – For surveys and collaboration.

Gardening and Landscaping Contractors – Our trusted contractors know what they are doing with planting mediums, planting, bedding in, maintaining and all other aspects. They will also take care of ongoing regular and seasonal maintenance post completion.

Geotecnical Engineers – To help understand existing soil and rock mechanics and to propose solutions. 

Joiners – For bespoke furniture or garden elements.

Mechanical and Plumbing Contractors – For plumbing for water features, irrigation, drainage, ground source heating and sewage systems.

Paving suppliers – We work with companies who can source a huge variety of paving products. 

Photographers – Who specialise in photography and video – with light, colour and ambience – for promotion, publication and celebration.

Playground Equipment Suppliers – For installations, including safe surfaces.

Planning consultants – To submit and manage planning applications or to offer advice.

Plant nurseries – We work with lots of wholesale plant nurseries and can source most plants.

Project Managers – For coordination and demarcation, across stages, for the teams and with the clients.

Reclamation yards – We know most of the good reclamation yards in the south west and have sourced a lot of reclaimed paving and water features.

Security Consultants and Contractors – For advice and installation of both passive and active systems.

Seed Merchants – Specifically for native meadow mixes, grasses and perennials.

Street Furniture Suppliers – For seating, benches, rubbish bins, cycle racks, lighting bollards and columns, barriers, handrails, etc.

Structural Engineers – For structural design input.

Service engineers – For all Mechanical and Electric input as well as below ground drainage.

Thatchers – For roofs and cider. 

Timber Merchants – For specialist and general timber raw and prepared supplies.

Tree surgeons – Maintaining and servicing trees and forests.

Wallers – Who are knowledgeable, passionate and talented.

Water engineers – To help with the technical design side of water features.

Willow Weavers – For fences, screens, sculptures and features in willow.